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Vision and Mission

Our Vision

The WFSA is the foremost global alliance of anaesthesiologists, working together with national, regional and specialty organisations to facilitate and promote the highest standards of patient care.

Our Mission

To improve patient care, and access to safe anaesthesia, by uniting anaesthesiologists around the world.

We deliver our mission through programmes that are implemented in partnership with National Societies of Anaesthesiology and other organisations that share our objectives. We work with the World Health Organisation (WHO), with governments, with other standard setters, with surgical organisations, with NGOs, with hospitals and with training centres and we welcome partnerships with organisations that support safe surgery and recognise that safe anaesthesia is an essential element of the same.

Fact: 11% of the global burden of disease could be treated by surgery and anaesthesia.

About WFSA

The WFSA improves patient care around the world. It seeks to ensure universal access to safe anaesthesia and unites hundreds of thousands of anaesthesiologists behind this goal.

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Volunteers change lives

Last year world leaders in the field of anaesthesiology gave us over $2m worth of their time and know how.

You can be part of that extraordinary effort.

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