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History of the WFSA

After the end of the Second World War anaesthetists found that international travel became more widely available. This coupled with a desire to learn from others and exchange experiences led, through a series of other meetings, to the establishment of an Interim Committee which met in 1953 and 1954.

founding members

In 1955 the first World Congress of Anaesthesiologists was held at Scheveningen in the Netherlands and at the end of the Congress the WFSA was formed. 26 Societies were represented with a further 16 observing. The orginal members in attendance were: Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain & Ireland, India, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, SouthAfrica, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay, and Venezuela. The observing countries were: Czechoslovakia, Egypt, Greece, Hawaii, Hungary, Jamaica, Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Turkey, USA, URSS, and Yugoslavia.


History of Anaesthesia

Members of the Interim Committee including, front row second from the left, Dr Harold Griffith, a pioneering anaesthetist and the first to use muscle relaxants (Montreal 1942)

At the Congress the delegates agreed the objectives of the Federation as being “exclusively educational, scientific, and charitable in nature” and “to make available the highest standards of anaesthesia, pain medicine, trauma management, resuscitation, and preoperative/critical care medicine to all peoples of the world and to disseminate the same amongst them”.

These are little changed since 1955.

History of WFSA

Following the extraordinary achievements of these pioneers further World Congresses took place together with a rise in the number of members of the WFSA.

  • Toronto 1960 (36 Societies)
  • Sao Paulo 1964 (47 Societies)
  • London 1968 (59 Societies)
  • Kyoto 1972 (65 Societies)
  • Mexico City 1976
  • Hamburg 1980
  • Manila 1984
  • Washington 1988
  • The Hague 1992
  • Sydney 1996
  • Montreal 2000
  • Paris 2004
  • Cape Town 2008
  • Buenos Aires 2012 (125 Societies)
  • Hong Kong 2016 (134 Societies)

History of WFSA

The location of the next two World Congresses is already known with the cycle decided eight years in advance at the WFSA General Assembly which takes place at each World Congress.

  • Prague 2020
  • Singapore 2024

Today the WFSA has over 134 Societies made up of over 130,000 anaesthetists who come from over 150 countries around the world. It continues to pursue the objectives agreed by its founding members and to improve the standards of patient care around the world.

About WFSA

The WFSA improves patient care around the world. It seeks to ensure universal access to safe anaesthesia and unites hundreds of thousands of anaesthesiologists behind this goal.

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