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TANZANIA - Society of Anaesthesiologists of Tanzania

Society of Anaesthesiologists of Tanzania
PO Box 65588
Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA

Phone: +255 755 693324

President: Dr Mpoki Ulisubisya
Secretary: Dr Alberto Ulimali
Treasurer: Dr Karima Khalid

Members: 23
Preferred Language: English
Next AGM: May 2020
Year Joined: 1972
Region: ARS

Further Information


Country population: 55m  

Number of physicians: 1,210 (2014) 

Source: WHO Country Profile 2015 


Some recent activities:

1. Brought together like minds in the Profession all over the Country
2. Motivated more Doctors to pursue Specialization in Anaesthesia
3. Encouraged More members to pursue Fellowship programs run by the WFSA
4. Part to the Team in the Ministry of Health that developed NSOAP
5. Have run and are still running SAFE Courses Obstetrics and Paediatrics
6. Have set up a Simulation Lab for Anaesthesia and Critical Training in Collaboration with Gradian Health
7. Have run Annual Scientific Conferences addressing pertinent issues in Anaesthesia and Critical Care