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INDONESIA - Indonesian Society of Anesthesiologists and Intensive Therapy

Menteng Square, Gedung A no. 21 A Lantai 3
Jl. Matraman Raya no.30, Jakarta Pusat, INDONESIA

Email: pp_idsai@yahoo.co.id
Website: http://www.perdatin.org/

Phone: +62 21 296 14292
Fax: +62 21 296 14292

President:  Dr Andi Wahyuningsih Attas 
Secretary:  Dr Hamzah 
Treasurer: Dr Hanna Hidayat

Members: 1300
AGM Date: September 2015
Preferred Language: English
Year Joined: 1968
Region: AARS

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Country population: 250m

Number of physicians: 49,853 (2012) 

Source: WHO Country Profile 2015