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PACIFIC ISLANDS - Pacific Society of Anaesthetists

Pacific Society of Anaesthetists
Dept. of Anaesthesia, CWM Hospital
Box 115, Suva, FIJI ISLANDS


Phone: +679 881 1444

President: Dr Kartik Mudliar
Vice President and Immediate Past President: Dr Jocelyn Christopher
Secretary: Dr Elenoa Fesaitu
Treasurer: Dr Maika Seru

Members: 28
Next AGM date: 1st September 2021
Preferred Language: English
Year Joined: 1992
Region: AARS




Further Information


Cook Islands  

Country population: 21,000 

Number of physicians: 24 (2009) 

Source: WHO Country Profile 2015 

East Timor

Country population: 1m 

Number of physicians: 84 (2011)

Source: WHO Country Profile 2015


Country population: 881,000

Number of physicians: 372 (2009)

Source: WHO Country Profile 2015  


Country population: 102,000

Number of physicians: 41 (2010) 

Source: WHO Country Profile 2015 


Country population: 190,000 (2013) 

Number of physicians: 85 (2008) 

Source: WHO Country Profile 2015 

Solomon Islands 

Country population: 561,000

Number of physicians: 118 (2009) 

Source: WHO Country Profile 2015 


Country population:105,000

Number of physicians: 58 (2010) 

Source: WHO Country Profile 2015   


Country population: 10,000 

Number of physicians: 12 (2009) 

Source: WHO Country Profile 2015 


Country population: 253,000 

Number of physicians: 28 (2008) 

Source: WHO Country Profile 2015 




Further information


Country population: 2.3m  

Source: World Bank Country Overview 2017 

The Pacific Society of Anaesthetists (PSA) meeting in 2018 will be held during the week of 10th - 14th September 2018 in Nadi, Fiji.

If you wish to attend and/or work as a locum in the Pacific for that one week to allow Pacific anaesthetists to attend the meeting please contact the President of the PSA Dr Jocelyn Christopher on email