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TURKEY - Turkish Anaesthesiology and Reanimation Society

Turkish Anaesthesiology and Reanimation Society
Inonu Caddesi Zambak Ap. 7/4 Gumussuyu Taksim Istanbul
Istanbul 34437


Phone: +90 212 251 7555
Fax: +90 212 251 7556

President: Prof. Dr. Ömer Kurtipek
Secretary: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jülide Ergil
Treasurer: Prof. Dr. Kazim Karaaslan

Members: 2,603
AGM Date: 7-10th November 2018
Preferred Language: English
Year Joined: 1964
Region: ESA

Further Information


Country population: 75m 

Number of physicians: 126,029 

Source: WHO Country Profile 2015 


In 2017 Turkish Society developed various projects concerning awareness in some topics and continuing education in anesthesia including:

- Continued commitment Resident School Project to teach residents about the anaesthesia machines, ventilators and low flow anaesthesia. The aim of the project is to enhance knowledge while fostering a closer relationship with the society and residents in different departments.

- CEEA (Committee for European Education in Anaesthesiology) modules ran twelve times throughout the year. Simultaneous translation to English was available for international participants.

- The Society has 16 scientific committees and working groups. Textbooks for history, neuroanesthesia, pain medicine, obstetric anesthesia,anesthesiawith questions and answers for public information were written and published by the related scientific committees, also e-book versions were uploaded in its website and can be reached by all our members. About twenty local guidelines for different topics in Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care and Pain Medicine were written and regularly updated by the related scientific committees and are available at

- Established a virtual academy named “ TardSanalAkademi” which includes e- books, web based education videos and seminars that can be accessed only by members at The basic aim of the academy is to follow developments in the related fields and to convey them to Turkish Anesthesiologists. The particular target is our young membersworking in peripheral regions.

- Running a nationwide campaign to raise awareness about patient blood management in different regions of country with its own funds. There was a complementary awareness meeting on hematologic problems and solutions in hemorrhagic surgeries. Approximately 500 residents and specialists attended the campaign.