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Dr Pedro Ibarra (Colombia)

Dr Pedro Ibarra – Webmaster

After obtaining a MD and then Anesthesia degree from Universidad Javeriana at Bogota Colombia, Dr Ibarra wrote the first National Minimal Standards along with other faculty at his University. He has participated in every revision of these Minimal Standards by the Colombian Society of Anesthesiologists (SCARE) Safety Committee, and since 2007, was appointed Chair of this Committee. He also chairs the Safety Committee of the Latin American Confederation of Societies of Anesthesia (CLASA). He is director of the first four year Anesthesia & Perioperative Medicine program in Colombia at Unisánitas.

Pedro has led two task forces developing the world's first safety recommendations for Anesthesia for Plastic Surgery (2009) and in 2011 the first recommendations for sedation by non-anesthesiologists in Latin America.

Pedro was trained in Trauma Anesthesia & Critical Care (TRACC) at New York University and has been a leader in trauma resuscitation in Latin America. He obtained an MSc in Healthcare Informatics (cum laude) at Bath University in the UK. Out of several database projects, the preoperative assessment database of Clinica Reina Sofia, where he currently works, stands out, with over 145,000 registries allowing the generation of innovative preoperative testing recommendations endorsed by SCARE for Colombia. He is developing a national anesthesia registry for SCARE (SIRUMA project).

He first served WFSA as the Latin American delegate for the Education committee (2008-2012) which led to the development of the innovative Latin American Teach the Teachers course with the support of SCARE, and since 2012 as a member of the Safety Committee. He is the Webmaster of the WFSA since 2012.

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