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Professional Wellbeing Committee

Professional Wellbeing Committee

Professional Wellbeing Committee 2016 

Dr. Gastão Duval Neto Brazil
Dr. Josef Wichelewski Israel
Dr. Jates Oetle South Africa
Prof Ezzat Aziz Egypt
Aus, NZ, Pacific    
North America    
Dr Roger Moore USA
Prof Robert Peterfreund USA
Prof Steve Howard USA
Dr  Stuart Brooker Canada / USA
Latin America    
Dr Venkatagiri Kalandoor India
Prof Weidon Mi China
Prof  Takahisa Goto Japan


The Committee has most recently been integral in publishing: Chemical dependence in anesthesiologists: the actuality / Dependência química em anestesiologistas: atualidade in Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia.

Eariler work:

Duval Well-Being BookDuval book13

The first printed edition of the book “Occupational Wellbeing in Anesthesiology” has been presented officially to the participants of the Brazilian Meeting of Anaesthesiology.

The book brings together 27 authors and has four main parts:

                                                    1. Principles and Foundations of Occupational Health;

                                                    2. Institutional Responsibilities with the Occupational Wellbeing of Anaesthesiologists;

                                                    3. Biological Risks and Occupational Health of Anesthesiologists;

                                                    4. Interdisciplinary Aspects and Occupational Health.

The publication of the book has been made possible thanks to the support of: WFSA, CLASA, SBA, Brazilian Council of Medicine.

 The book is now available on line, with free access, as E-Book format, in Portuguese and English versions. Please click here to access the book from our programme page.