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WFSA Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine: Vellore, India

vellore map

Subramani Kandasamy

Programme Head: Prof. Subramani Kandasamy
Professor and Head, Surgical ICU and Division of Critical Care
Critical Care Directorate, Christian Medical College, Vellore
Tamil Nadu, India

Website: www.cmch-vellore.edu

Number of Critical Care Fellows in Vellore per year: 3
Duration of each fellowship: 1 year
Starting month of each fellowship (if regular): 1st June

What training is offered?
Specialty ICU training. Hands-on bedside ultrasonography, echocardiography, percutaneous tracheostomy, cardiac output monitoring etc.

How is training assessed?
No formal assessment undertaken at the time being.

Are there any specific admission criteria for applicants?
Anaesthetists from SAARC countries. Can extend it beyong SAARC if appropriate. About 4-6 months is necessary for paperwork – Medical council clearance, immigration matters etc.