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As the foremost global alliance of anaesthesiologists, the WFSA is in an excellent position to support the opinions of anaesthesiologists around the world. We are currently collecting stories and data about how ketamine is used in anaesthesia and surgical care around the world.

Please share how you use ketamine to treat patients and why the drug is so important to medical care in your country by taking the 'Share Your Experience' questionnaire below, and you may feature on our world map!

Example story:

Steve and Tshering"I am now 61 years old, and have been an anaesthetist for nearly 30 years. However before I trained as a specialist anaesthetist, I worked for 4 years as a volunteer doctor on a remote island called Pukapuka, in the northern Cook Islands. I was the only doctor there, and I had to be the anaesthetist and surgeon on many occasions. There was no anaesthetic machine, no gas cylinders, and often no electricity. Ketamine was the only safe drug to use, and I used it to set fractures, drain abcesses, debride burns, and many other things. Before going there I had virtually no experience of using the drug but I was able to use it safely by following simple instructions from an anaesthetic textbook. Many places in the world are still like Pukapuka, and this drug is essential in these places. There is still no other drug like it." -- Dr Steve Kinnear

If you are interested in campaigning further to ensure ketamine is not restricted internationally, please take a look at our Ketamine campaign toolkit and be sure to join our #KetamineIsMedicine campaign on social media. Simply print this banner, take a photograph of yourself and your location and upload it onto social media with the hastag #KetamineIsMedicine.

Campaign Toolkit

Everything you need to get involved with the campaign including:

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  • Factsheet
  • Posters

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Share your experience

We need real life stories! Does ketamine play a big role in your hospital, medical centre or veterinary practice? Do you have a great patient story relating to ketamine? Please tell us more.

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Write to your local authority

Make your local or national authority aware of the importance of ketamine in medical practice and the current threat to medical access.

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Help us collect data

We need evidence to show how important ketamine is. Help us collect data about ketamine use in your department/hospital/region.

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