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Volunteering for the WFSA

Nigeria Port Harcourt 5Thank you for your interest in supporting the work of the WFSA. The WFSA provides a return of $10 for every $1 invested in the organisation. However, we need to increase the number of volunteers and donations over the period 2017-2020 to continue to respond to the global crisis in surgery and anaesthesia. Our Federation relies on volunteers and each year members provide time and expertise worth millions of US$, for free. 

There are a number of ways you can help improve patient care and access to safe anaesthesia around the world:

1. Write/edit/translate Anaesthesia Tutorial of the Week (ATOTW) or Update in Anaesthesia (UIA). We are always interested in hearing from qualified anaesthesiologists interested in writing or editing a manuscript for our Virtual Library. Additionally, translators are also very useful to increase the number of tutorials available in Chinese, French, Portuguese and Spanish, as well as expand our publications into addtional languages. If you are interested in working with the ATOTW or UIA teams please email

2. Promote the International Standards For A Safe Practice of Anaesthesia and the Safe Surgical Checklist in your hospital. As part of our mission to improve access to safe anaesthesia, the WFSA's SAFE-T Network brings together individual anaesthesia providers commited to advancing patient safety and raising awareness of the need for safe anaesthesia and the International Standards in their surgical team. To find our more and join the SAFE-T Network please click here.

3. Help us collect data for our Anaesthesia Workforce Map. The WFSA is in the process of creating an Anaesthesia Workforce Map which shows the number and density of anaesthesiologists around the world. If you would like to help us map the anaesthesia workforce in your country please email 

4. Other. If you have any other suggestions about how you might help us achieve our mission please email

5. Donate! Help us to transform anaesthesia care in lower income countries by donating to the WFSA. Whether a small or large amount, your support will help us continue our work and improve patient outcomes worldwide. To donate please click here. Any Gift Aid on donations will be used at the discretion of the WFSA.

6. Sign up to receive our emails:

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