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IASP’s Global Year Against Pain in the Most Vulnerable

The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) is running a campaign throughout 2019 to raise awareness of pain in vulnerable populations. This Global Year, a campaign which is run every year by IASP, focuses on the following vulnerable populations:

• Pain in older persons (including pain in dementia)

• Pain in infants and young children

• Pain in individuals with cognitive impairments (non dementia-related) or psychiatric disorders

• Pain in survivors of torture

The Aims and Objectives of this 2019 Global Year is to highlight the needs of people who are unable to articulate their pain in a way that health professionals can understand and/or whose pain problems are underestimated and so they are more likely to receive inadequate pain control.

This year targets vulnerable populations who are - due to (i) physical, psychological and/or verbal impairments, and/or due to (ii) social circumstances and/or due to (iii) shortcomings in healthcare -at risk to be under-assessed and undertreated for pain. Vulnerable individuals surely encompass a large variety of populations.

The IASP has released factsheets on pain management in different vulnerable populations which you can access by clicking on the relevant one below:

Pain in Individuals with an Intellectual Disability

Palliative Care for the Older Person in pain

Drug Management for Vulnerable Individuals

Pain Assessment in Dementia

Guidelines for the Management of Pain in Vulnerable Populations

Pain in Cognitive Impairment not Dementia Related Management

Chronic pain as consequence of torture assessment

Pain Management in Dementia

To find out more about the 2019 Global Year Against Pain in the Most Vulnerable, including quarterly webinars, visit the IASP website here.

Chair of the WFSA Pain Management Committee, Dr Roger Goucke, said “5.5 billion people (over 80%) of the world’s population live without access to treatments for moderate to severe pain. The more vulnerable individuals targeted by this year’s IASP Global Year deserve our attention. As Anaesthesiologists we have the skills to make a difference and to lead the world together with our Pain Medicine and Allied Health colleagues. With the WFSA representing nearly all corners of the globe, it is our responsibility to make some change here. I encourage everyone to read the IASP fact sheets and then disseminate them widely”.

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