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WFSA Secretary Sends Seasons Greetings

gonzalo-barreiro                                                                                                                                                       December 2014

As usual, at the end of the year the WFSA Secretary sends a message to the National Societies and their affiliated members. And it's a good habit, simply because communication is the basis of progress and coexistence.

The WFSA is making major changes in its structure and functioning .You can check all this on the website: www.wfsahq.org and through the regular reports from our Chief Executive Officer (Mr. Julian Gore-Booth) and our new Administrative Officer (Miss. Nichola Page). Two months ago Richard Lynas joined us as Programmes Manager, to further develop this unique and global anesthetic tool: the WFSA.

These positions are the only ones paid within the WFSA. The rest of the activity depends on thousands of colleagues on a voluntary and honorary work to improve Anesthesia in the world.

I think we are facing a historic moment of Anesthesia and Surgery: it seems that for the first time in many years, the WHO defined the lack of Surgery and Anesthesiology as a world health problem .The WFSA has participated through its President , Dr. David Wilkinson, in WHO meetings at the highest level. Millions of people worldwide die or have a miserable quality of life due to surgical pathologies which, in moderately developed countries, are just routine procedures. For that reason is that several international organizations related to surgery have begun to actively work on this, and with which the WFSA has created strategic alliances for the benefit of our patients.

Lifebox, which was born among others, with the WFSA support, the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery and the Global Alliance for Surgery, Obstetric, Trauma and Anaesthesia Care (G4A), are examples of some of the organizations with which we are working now.

It is important to understand that unlike surgical organizations, the WFSA is unique, because it includes more than 125 National Societies of Anesthesiologists in the five continents and has close ties with Anesthetic Subspecialty Societies.

Are we doing things right? Probably yes, but we are also convinced that we can do them better. For that, it's essential that we receive your ideas, comments, criticisms. That's why we ask members of National, Regional and Subspecialty Societies , and members of other organizations interested in the development of Anesthesiology to contact us. In the WFSA there is always place for those who believe as we do, that we have an ethical commitment to return the gift that life has given to us: to have our passion as our work, and thus make a difference for "those who are at the other side of the river " waiting for better conditions.

It is especially important that those colleagues who are in "the trenches", at the "front line", at the bedside, send us your suggestions and ideas. Life has taught me how brilliant these contributions can be.

Many of these "front line" colleagues are women who practice Anesthesiology. They are a gift for our specialty and are incredible human beings who add to their professional activity the fact of being mothers, girlfriends, wives, daughters, granddaughters, grandmothers and often, as with a multifactorial index, hold the combination of several of these roles!
The road for women in Anesthesiology has not been easy. They have won their places step by step and nobody gave them anything for free. Even in countries that are proud for defending women's rights, it has been difficult for them to reach positions of leadership.

So, dear colleagues I send to you all and particularly to our female colleagues, these fraternal greetings.

As always the WFSA is committed to improve as much as possible, your working conditions and your patients welfare.

A big hello and happy 2015!

Gonzalo Barreiro

Honorary Secretary (2012-2016)

WFSA Launches Innovation Awards

The WFSA is delighted to announce the launch of the WFSA Innovation Awards. These awards are designed to promote the development and sharing of innovations in anaesthesiology that have had – or are deemed likely to have – a positive impact on patient outcomes.

The awards will be available to applicants from low to high income countries, offering the opportunity to showcase, share, celebrate and invest in cutting edge developments from different environments around the world. At least 5 Awardees will be invited to an Award Ceremony at the next World Congress of Anaesthesiologists (WCA 2016 in Hong Kong) which provides an extraordinary platform for the promotion of their ideas, products or methodologies.


The awards are generously sponsored by baxter-logo

Applications are now open. For more information and how to apply please click here

Finnish Society of Anaesthesiologists Fund Bangkok Fellowship

Finnish FellowThanks to a generous donation from the Finnish Society of Anaesthesiologists, Dr Zin Ohmmar Kyaw is currently training at the Bangkok Anaesthesia Regional Training Centre in Thailand (BARTC).

Dr Zin, from Myanmar, will be in Bangkok, as a WFSA fellow, until May 2015. She has spent the last four months working and training in some of the country’s regional hospitals where she has been studying cardiovascular anaesthesia, regional nerve block (guided by ultrasound) and chronic pain management. Her fellowship has given her the chance to receive hands-on training in the operating room and to take part in patient care. Reporting back to WFSA, Dr Zin said ‘After arriving in Bangkok I faced some problems adpating to a new environment and culture and also with communication, however, I have learnt anaesthetic techniques I have never seen before such as high frequency jet ventilation in laser surgery during an ENT operation’. The next stage of her fellowship will be spent at Siriraj hospital where she will attend lectures and workshops and will sit her final exams.

Anaesthesia Machines in Action

BARTC’s primary goal is to promote the teaching and training of anaesthesia providers from developing countries in Asia. WFSA supported BARTC’s founders - Dr Kester Brown (Australia), Professor Mitsugu Fujimori (Japan), Dr Haydn Plerndt (Australia) and Professor Thara Tritrakarn (Thailand), to establish the training centre in 1996. Initially short refresher courses were held, however, WFSA soon realised that short courses could not have a long lasting impact on quality of care and manpower problems. To address this WFSA and BARTC are aiming to train a critical mass of anaesthesiologists in an environment not too different from their home clinical practice. The training should enable them to able to go back to their workplace and disseminate their learning.

WFSA currently offer six twelve-month fellowships in Bangkok, four in general anaesthesia and two in pain anaesthesia. For more information about these fellowships and others please click here

Prof Alan Merry elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand

Prof Merry speaking at the 14th World Congress in Cape Town

WFSA is proud to announce that Professor Alan Merry has been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand.

This is a deserved recognition of Professor Merry's work and you can follow this link to the official announcement...

Prof Merry practises in anaesthesia and chronic pain management at Auckland City Hospital. He is Head of the School of Medicine at the University of Auckland, a Councillor of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists, Deputy Treasurer of the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists and Chair of the Board of the NZ Health Quality and Safety Commission.

He is on the Board of Lifebox, which aims to improve standards of surgery and anaesthesia in low income areas of the world. His books, book chapters and papers in peer-reviewed journals reflect interests in human factors, patient safety and simulation.

Editor, Global Health Section, Anesthesia and Analgesia - Call for Expressions of Interest

WFSA NEW Logo LARGEiars logo


Further to the announcement of the affiliation between WFSA, IARS and Anesthesia and Analgesia, the WFSA now calls for Expressions of Interest in the role of Section Editor, Global Health Section, Anesthesia & Analgesia.

Interested and qualified candidates should submit a CV and a covering letter explaining why they would excel in this role to the WFSA by e-mail to admin@wfsahq.org before close of business on the 16th of November 2014. All candidates should consider the extent of the commitment required for the role, which is considerable both in terms of time and energy and the application required for this new section to be successful.

The full description of duties and oversight responsibilities can be downloaded here

The article relating to the announcement of the affiliation can be seen here

Candidates will be considered by a WFSA Selection Committee before a final recommendation is made to the IARS. All applications will be acknowledged.

The IARS will provide honorarium and expense support to the Section Editor at the same level as for other Section Editors.

Announcement of an Affiliation Between WFSA, IARS and Anesthesia & Analgesia

WFSA NEW Logo LARGEiars logo

Shared Goals.

In anesthesia care, the patient comes first. This is the guiding principle of the many Societies that comprise the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA). It is also the foundation for every editorial decision at Anesthesia & Analgesia. Based on this shared vision, the WFSA has formed an affiliation with the International Anesthesia Research Association and its official journal, Anesthesia & Analgesia.

Modern anesthesia is amazingly safe, and this is a testament to our profession and those who work with us to improve patient care. However, in much of the world clean water and disposable gloves are a luxury. In these areas, anesthesia is not amazingly safe, and simple advances in perioperative care may save thousands of lives. Our current focus on incremental improvements in perioperative care, including advances in technology, basic science investigations, and health care efficiency is no less relevant to resource poor areas of the world, but the requirements may be different. The affiliation between the WFSA, the IARS, and Anesthesia & Analgesia is a conduit to focus the attention of the best minds in our discipline on advancing the healthcare of patients worldwide.

Data is the first requirement. We need to gather metrics about surgical patients, underlying diagnoses, perioperative services, and outcomes in all parts of the world, not only in high-income countries. We need to think about improvements in perioperative healthcare and how these improvements can be applied. We need to think about challenges and successes, and how we can learn from each other. We hope that the creation of a "Global Health" section in Anesthesia & Analgesia, and the creation of "Global Health Reports" as a new manuscript type in Anesthesia & Analgesia Case Reports" will provide a strong incentive to investigators worldwide to consider the requirements for safe anesthesia, particularly in the resource poor world. As data are gathered and needs are assessed, it is hoped that the combined efforts of the WFSA, the IARS, and Anesthesia & Analgesia will provide opportunities to ask important questions that affect all our patients and to document improvements in patient outcomes.

The WFSA, the IARS, and Anesthesia & Analgesia share the belief that regardless of where we are in the world, all patients come first. In creating this affiliation, we hope to advance the care of patients everywhere.

The Importance of Surgical Indicators in Global Health

The WFSA's President has endorsed a letter from Dr. Emmanuel Makasa calling for Surgical Indicators to be included in the list of Global Health Indicators that has been proposed by Global Health Agencies and the International Health Partnership. Through the G4Alliance the WFSA joined over 100 surgical, obstetric, trauma and anaesthesia organisations calling on Margaret Chan (WHO), Jim Yong Kim (World Bank) and Raj Shah (USAID) to provide adequate metrics for global surgical care as part of strengthening global health systems.

Published in the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery the letter can also be downloaded here


The appendix of endorsing organisations can be seen here




Luego de revisar las solicitudes de los 9 aspirantes a las 2 becas para el curso de perfeccionamiento en anestesia pediátrica en el hospital Dr. Luis Calvo McKenna, en Santiago, Chile, la coordinación de dicho centro de entrenamiento y los representantes de la región Latinoamericana ante el Comité de Educación de la WFSA han convenido otorgarlas a las siguientes personas

1er Lugar: Dra. Luciana Serrudo. Salta, Argentina. Fecha de inicio: 1º Abril 2015
2º Lugar: Dra. Leila Pimentel. Lima, Perú. Fecha de Inicio: 1º Octubre 2015



Condolences - Dr R Sarmiento

We regret to inform you that Dr Rafael Sarmiento Montero passed away on October 25th, 2014.

Dr Sarmiento was a distinguished leader of the Colombian Society of Anaesthesia (SCARE) and Latin American Confederation of Societies of Anesthesia (CLASA).

Dr Sarmiento was a pioneer for several areas, as he introduced to Colombia blood gas analysis, transcutaneous oximetry, parenteral nutrition, and collaborated in the development of the first ICU and the national Critical Care Society in Colombia.

He was the longest serving president of the Colombian Association of Scientific Societies, for 15 years.

He also served as member of the WFSA Resuscitation Committee as Latin America's representative from 1992 to 2000.

We stand by his family in this sad time.


Pedro Ibarra MD, MSc
Webmaster WFSA

Applications Open for WFSA-Baxter Scholarships: 11th Congress of SAARC-AA

Applications Open for WFSA-Baxter Scholarships: 11th Congress of SAARC-AA - Kathmandu, Nepal, 26-28 February 2015

Baxter Healthcare Ltd is generously providing sponsorship for a number of young anaesthesiologists from less affluent countries to attend the 11th Congress of SAARC-AA. The aim of the scholarship programme is to identify and develop future leaders in anaesthesiology. WFSA-Baxter Scholars will acquire new knowledge and gain many contacts and friends during the SAARC-AA Congress.

Scholarship criteria:

• The applicant must be aged less than 40 years.

• The applicant should be working full time in an Asian country.

• This application is accompanied by a letter of recommendation from the applicant's National Anaesthesiology Society.

• The applicant must be able to present a poster during the conference.

• Preference will be given to applicants who have completed training within 10 years and are working in teaching hospitals.

How to Apply:

• Complete the application form and submit, along with a letter of support from your National Society, by email to admin@wfsahq.org  by 30 November 2014. Successful applicants will be informed by 15th December 2014.

Download the application form


El comité de Educación de La Federación Mundial de Sociedades de Anestesiólogos (WFSA) anuncia a todos los interesados la apertura del período de recepción de solicitudes de aplicación para 2 (dos) BECAS DE PERFECCIONAMIENTO EN ANESTESIA PEDIÁTRICA, de 6 (seis) meses de duración, en el Hospital de Niños Dr. Luis Calvo MacKenna de Santiago, Chile, durante el año 2015

Este entrenamiento viene desarrollándose desde el año 1999, con el auspicio de la WFSA y bajo la supervisión de la Dra. Silvana Cavallieri con el objetivo de brindar capacitación en anestesia pediátrica a anestesiólogos latinoamericanos de países donde dicho entrenamiento no se encuentra disponible.

En los archivos anexos podrán encontrar el formato de aplicación para Fellowships de la WFSA, el cual debe ser debidamente llenado y completado junto con los recaudos allí especificados, y la información general sobre este entrenamiento y los requisitos para poder aplicar al mismo, así como los aspectos que comprende la beca.

La fecha límite para la recepción de solicitudes de aplicación será el 15 de Octubre del 2014. Todos los interesados deben enviar el formato de aplicación para Fellowships de la WFSA con la información solicitada junto con los recaudos allí especificados antes de esta fecha a los siguientes emails:
Dra. Silvana Cavallieri silvanacavallieri@gmail.com
Dr. Getulio de Oliveira Filho oliveirafilho.gr@gmail.com
Dr. Juan Carlos Duarte jcduarte63@gmail.com

El comité de selección elegirá los ganadores del primer y segundo puesto del concurso, los cuales serán asignados a las siguientes fechas de inicio de su respectivo entrenamiento, de acuerdo a su posición:
1º de Abril 2015 para quien ocupe el primer lugar
1º de Octubre 2015 para quien ocupe el segundo lugar.

La información sobre la personas que resulten seleccionadas para recibir estas becas será publicada en los sitios web de la WFSA, CLASA y FASA, así como enviada al email de dicha persona en la fecha del 15 de abril del 2014, con el fin que disponga del tiempo suficiente para preparar el viaje y realizar los trámites migratorios correspondientes, para que de esta forma pueda iniciar su período de entrenamiento en los primeros días del mes de septiembre de 2014.

Más información

Fund A Fellow

Ninadini Shrestha Photo 1 small

Help us to transform anaesthesia care in lower income countries

All donations made to Fund a Fellow will go directly towards enabling young leaders in anaesthesia to access these amazing training opportunities and improve outcomes for thousands of patients around the world.