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The First SATA Conference

The Society of Anaesthesiologists of Tanzania held it's first ever Scientific Conference last month, in the Commercial City of Dar Es Salaam. The theme of the conference was 'Safe Anaesthesia in Tanzania'.

The Venue of the meeting was the Golden Jubilee Towers, where over 100 delegates from all over Tanzania and beyond were hosted. A majority of those who attended were Nurse Anaesthetists. This meeting was made possible due to the kind support provided by the stakeholders and friends of SATA, which includes the WFSA.

The Faculty at the Conference included Prof David Linton from Hadasah University, Dr Mark Gacii from the University of Nairobi (Programme Head: WFSA Paediatrics Anaesthesia Fellowship Program), Robert Dickson from South Africa, Robert Neighbour from Diameca, Dr Henriette from Holland, Dr Said Kilindimo, Dr Tim Baker of the Life Support Foundation, Prof Lars Irestedt from Karolinska and Prof Mwafongo of Emergency Medicine MUHAS.

While the dust settles from the activities of our first Conference, plans are already under way for next year's event.

We thank you for your support,
Mpoki M. Ulisubisya, MD
Society of Anaesthesiologists of Tanzania

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Applications open: CLASA / WFSA Pain Fellowship, Buenos Aires

Applications are now open for the CLASA/ WFSA Pain Fellowship in Buenos Aires, Argetina.

Please click here for more information about the fellowship, and the application process.

Applications close: 30 June 2014

WFSA 2013 Annual Review

 For the first time the WFSA has produced a shorter summary of its annual activity which is more easily accessible to users. This is available as a pdf file (click on the picture below) or as a flipbook.
WFSAnnual 13

WFSA Annual Report 2013

The WFSA Annual Report 2013 is now available to view here

Condolences - Prof SN Samad Chowdhury (Bangladesh)

It is with deep sorrow that the WFSA learned of the passing of the much loved former president of Bangladesh Society Anaesthesiologists & SAARC Association of Anaesthesiologists, Prof SN Samad Chowdhury, who died on 18 May 2014. He served on the Asian-Australian Regional Section (AARS) of the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA) between 1990-1994 and was also on the Board of Directors, AOSRA (1989-1993 & 1993-1997). In addition he was a founder member of the Asian & Oceanic Society of Regional Anaesthesia (AOSRA).

Professor Chowdhury made an enormous contribution to anaesthesia, both in Bangladesh and internationally, and he will be much missed.

Mr Kessete Tewelderbrahn - Distinguished Alumni

The WFSA is delighted to announce that Anaesthesia Educator Mr Kessete Teweldebrhan (Anaesthesia educator in Eritrea) has been invited to become a member of the distinguished alumni circle of La Roche College, in recognition of his outstanding leadership and professional success.

Mr Teweldebrhan has been instrumental in establishing anaesthesia services in both Eritrea and in Ethiopia for decades, and he has done so at great personal expense. Through his teaching and clinical practice he has made an extraordinary contribution to anaesthesiology in Eritrea, and had significant impact on the lives of colleagues and patients in one of the world's poorest countries.

Eritreamars08 132 2 

Mr Kessete with Dr Jannicke Mellin-Olsen, Deputy Secretary of the WFSA

Ketamine - A Call for Action

The WFSA coordinated a response to Governments and the World Health Organisation to limit a potential threat to the availability of ketamine as an essential anaesthesia drug. Over 40 member societies made written submissions that were sent to Ministers of Health and the WHO Expert Committee on Drug Dependence (ECDD) clearly identifying the medical necessity of ketamine in anaesthetic practice, especially in low and middle income countries.

On the 16th of June 2014 WFSA deputy secretary, Dr Jannicke Mellin-Olsen, attended the meeting of the ECDD in Geneva and made a powerful presentation on the importance of ketamine as an anaesthetic drug and the potentially devastating impact that further restriction on the availability of ketamine could have on patients around the world. Her presentation can be seen here

The WFSA letter to WHO can be downloaded here

After critical review, the June 2014 meeting of the ECDD recommended that ketamine not be placed under international control. It acknowledged the important medical use of ketamine as an anaesthetic, especially in low and middle income countries and in crisis and energency situations because of its safety margin and its ease of use. The Committee noted the concerns raised with respect to the potential for ketamine abuse, but considered that the risk to public health posed by ketamine abuse does not warrant its scheduling (however national controls may be considered).

The full report of the WHO Secretariat on the 36th meeting of the ECDD can be downloaded here. The WFSA thanks all its members, regional sections and partners that helped draw attention to this issue and looks forward to their continued support in highlighting the importance of the availability of this essential medical drug. The next step is to ensure that the recommendations of the ECDD are taken into account by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) which meets in March 2015.  

A Factsheet on Ketamine can be downloaded here

Otorgada Beca Anestesia Pediatrica Chile

El Comité de Educación de la WFSA en conjunto con la Dra Silvana Cavallieri, después de revisar las 10 solicitudes de anestesiólogos de Latinoamerica para el fellowship de anestesia pediátrica en el Hospital Luis Calvo Mckenna de Santiago de Chile, Colombia (3), Venezuela(3), Perú(1), Paraguay (1) and Argentina (2), decidieron otorgar la beca a la mejor candidata, la Dra. Lisa Benítez del Paraguay. Felicitaciones!

Obstetric Anaesthesia Fellowship at University of Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Applications are invited for a fellowship training position in 2014 at UMMC, Kuala Lumpur.

The duration of the fellowship is 6 months. The start date is expected to be 1st October 2014.

The fellowship is intended for anaesthesiologists working in low resource settings who wish to develop knowledge and skills in the field of obstetric anaesthesia. Successful applicants must agree to return to their home country at the completion of the fellowship.

Priority will be given to applicants from Asian member countries, but applicants from other parts of the globe will also be considered.

The fellowship offers funding for tuition costs, accommodation and subsistence living expenses.

For more information, please contact the programme head, Professor YK Chan (chanyk@ummc.edu.my)

How to apply:

The closing date for applications is 31st May 2014. Successful applicants will be notified before mid June 2014.

Applicants must complete the Fellowship Application Form (link below) and provide the documents listed at the end of the form. Please send or email the form and documents to Renee Blij, Administrative Coordinator, WFSA.

Email:              admin@wfsahq.org

Postal:             Renee Blij, Administrative Coordinator

World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists

21 Portland Place

London W1B 1PY

United Kingdom

Dr Bisola Onajin-Obembe, Chair of WFSA’s Africa Regional Section, in Uniport Weekly, a publication of the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Dr Bisola Onajin-Obembe, Chair of WFSA’s Africa Regional Section, in Uniport Weekly, a publication of the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

 Dr Onajin-Obembe





The WFSA Scientific Committee will continue for the fourth consecutive year a programme of research scholarships. These grants will be provided to young researchers from less affluent countries, to help them to travel to a foreign country to study and learn in a research programme. The recipient will have to develop a research project in a Department or a Laboratory of Anaesthesiology for a period of six months to one year, with a final goal of publishing an original paper in an indexed journal. This could form part of an advanced diploma, or a PhD thesis.

Three grants of US $8000 each will be awarded for the year 2015. This sum will serve mainly for travel expenses. Hosting Departments or Laboratories are asked to provide food and accommodation during the scholarship.

This call is both for trainees and for Departments and Laboratories who would be willing to host a young researcher.

                The deadline for application is 1st October 2014.

The application must be submitted to Professor Philippe SCHERPEREEL, WFSA Scientific Committee Chairman, preferably by e-mail with scanned documents in attachment.

The applications will be submitted to 2 reviewers, WFSA Scientific Committee members from geographical areas other than that of the candidate. They will report their conclusions to the Committee, which will make the final selection. After informing the WFSA Executive Committee, the results will be communicated to the candidates before December 31, 2014.

                Submission of application

To submit an application the candidate must provide:

-          the exact title of the project - which can be a clinical or laboratory topic,

-          a presentation of the objectives and the methods of her/his project (2-3 pages)

-          a letter explaining the aim of her/his application,

-          a curriculum vitae with a picture of the candidate and a list of previous publications,

-          a letter from the Head of the hosting Department/Laboratory indicating his willingness to receive and monitor the candidate, to endorse the project and to provide some facilities for meals and accommodation during the period of fellowship,

-          a letter from the candidate’s Chair and Head of the Department of Anaesthesiology to support the candidacy and to indicate why the project is useful for the Institution and for the candidate’s career

-          a letter of support from the President of the National Society,

-          a letter of commitment from the candidate:

  • to use the allocated funds exclusively for purposes of the research project
  • to publish, within one year after the end of the scholarship, a paper giving the results of her/his research, and acknowledging the WFSA funding,

-          Complementary grants are encouraged but must be declared by the candidate.

The Presidents of the National Societies, WFSA members, and the Chairs of Departments of Anaesthesiology are kindly requested to disseminate this information to all the potential candidates.

Applications and more information may be obtained from the WFSA Scientific Committee Chairman

                           Pr. Philippe SCHERPEREEL

                           Département d’Anesthésie Réanimation

Hôpital Claude Huriez

Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Lille

59037 LILLE   France



Fund A Fellow

Ninadini Shrestha Photo 1 small

Help us to transform anaesthesia care in lower income countries

All donations made to Fund a Fellow will go directly towards enabling young leaders in anaesthesia to access these amazing training opportunities and improve outcomes for thousands of patients around the world.