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WFSA Advocacy Programme:

Aim: To support and promote a focus on the availability, safety and quality of anaesthesiology

Objective 1: To encourage national and global decision making that promotes the availability of safe and high quality anaesthesia and effective pain relief
Objective 2: To promote anaesthesiology and surgery as an essential element of global health - to address the crises of unsafe surgery and access to surgical care

As the only global organisation of anaesthesiologists, with strong links to surgical organisations, official liaison with the WHO and consultative status with UN-ECOSOC, the WFSA is well placed to influence others and has been actively promoting patient safety since its founding in 1955.

The programme guides and encourages Member Societies in single and joint actions that support our objectives and it welcomes suggestions from Members around possible calls for action / campaigns that a Federated approach would strengthen. Through the provision of tools, co-ordination of collective action and direct approaches to decision makers and influencers the WFSA seeks to amplify the voice of anaesthesiologists and convey the importance of this branch of medicine around the world.

Global Health Policy

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We work with the World Health Organisation (WHO), and other multilateral and bilateral organisations, to promote anaesthesia within the global health agenda

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Our Three Guiding Pillars

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Our advocacy is guided by three pillars: scaling-up of the anaesthesia workforce, achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC), and ensuring safe anaesthesia for all

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National Anaesthesia Plans

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We work with our member societies, governments, and other stakeholders to support the creation and implementation of National Surgical and Anaesthesia Plans

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The SAFE-T Campaign

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SAFE-T unites individuals, industry and organisations behind the International Standards For A Safe Practice of Anaesthesia, and concrete actions to improve anaesthesia safety globally

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World Anaesthesia Day

World Anaesthesia Day 2017 (16th October) will focus on the global anaesthesia workforce through the Count Me In! campaign. Please click here to view the Count Me In! Toolkit. You can also find additional resources to promote the campaign on social media here.

World Anaesthesia Day - take part!

Count Me In! is an initiative to unite anaesthesia providers on World Anaesthesia Day (16th October) and focus on raising awareness and support for scaling-up “human resources for anaesthesia”. Without adequate numbers of staff it will be impossible to scale-up anaesthesia provision worldwide, and impossible to ensure access to safe anaesthesia for all patients.

On the 16th October 2017, the WFSA would like you to count yourself among those providing life saving anaesthesia, and share your support for the scale-up of the anaesthesia workforce.

Please click here to view the Count Me In! Toolkit. You can also find additional resources to promote the campaign on social media here.

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SAFE-T or "Safe Anaesthesia for Everybody - Today" is our campaign for improved access to safe anaesthesia around the world. Be informed about anaesthesia & global health.

Anaesthesia & Surgery - The Global Crisis

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The Cost-Effectiveness of Anaesthesia & Surgery

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The Roles of the Anaesthesiologist

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The WFSA is a member of the Global Alliance for Surgical, Obstetric, Trauma and Anaesthesia Care (G4A), an advocacy-based organisation dedicated to building political priority for surgical care as part of the global development agenda.

Watch the G4A launch video and show your support for the neglected surgical patient.