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COVID-19 Information for Low Resource Settings

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This site is intended to provide information for anesthesia providers working in a limited-resource setting caring for patients with COVID-19. If there is any topic you would like to see included or useful information (including pictures) you would like to share please contact Francis Peel

The information on this page is organised into five thematic groups. Click on the following links to jump to the information relevant to you:

Keeping you and your patient safe

  • Physician well-being - Selected resources relating to wellbeing and psychological support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Perioperative Care 

  • COVID-19 Intraoperative Checklist - To be used in conjunction with the WHO SSCL to minimize healthcare provider exposure when operating on a COVID-19(+) or suspected patient:

Critical/Intensive Care 

  • Management of Severe COVID-19 Disease  - Guidelines developed by Kenya Society of Anaesthesiologists, Critical Care Society of Kenya, and the Respiratory Society of Kenya on the management of the patient with COVID-19.


  Webinars and apps