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  • Download Update 34 - 2019 - Obstetric airway management, General anesthesia for elective cesarean section in resource-limited settings, Obstetric spinal anaesthesia, Management of total spinal block in obstetrics, Labour epidural the basics, Labour epidural troubleshooting, Establishing an epidural service for labour analgesia in a variable resource environment, Emergency management of maternal collapse and arrest, Pre-eclampsia - prevention, diagnosis and management, Placental pathology: a review of placenta previa, placental abruption and placenta accreta, Anaesthetic implications of morbid obesity in pregnancy, Update in obstetric trauma management, Update of maternal sepsis, Oxytocics, Obstetric and foetal physiology, Newborn resuscitation, Anaesthesia for non obstetric surgery during pregnancy
  • Download Update 33 - 2019 - SAFE-T Summit 2018, Global challenge for patient safety, Global surgery, obstetrics and anaesthesia metamorphosis, Surgical capacity indicators, Implications for the WFSA, Progress and challenges in global surgical and anaesthesia care and safety, Surgical and anaesthesia capacity and safety: European Society of Anaesthesiologists’ perspective, NGO perspective, Anaesthesia Patient Safety Foundation (APSF) perspective, WFSA SAFE-T Summit: overview and commentary; ATOTW Clinical Safety, WHO Surgical Safety Checklist, Patient Safety Update: Infusion safety, preoperative assessment, bone cement implantation syndrome, Patient Safety Update: Central neuraxial blockade, drug errors and ‘never events’; The Vital Anaesthesia Simulation Training (VAST) course; Long-term venous access devices; Successful management of malignant hyperthermia without dantrolene in paediatric anaesthesia; In Memory – Professor Michael Rosen.
  • Download Update 32 - 2017 - Rapid sequence induction; Typhoid enteric fever; Anaesthesia for typhoid intestinal perforation; Wrist blocks – landmark technique; Update on opioid pharmacology; Management of paediatric sepsis; Management of hyponatraemia; Maternal critical care; Cerebral challenge
  • Download Update 31 - 2016 - Management of emergency laparotomy patients; Effective day surgery service; Warfarin & the new oral anticoagulants; Perioperative acute kidney injury; Anaesthetising the malnourished patient; Antiemetic drugs; Neck of femur fracture: perioperative management; Ebola: critical care considerations; Peripartum cardiomyopathy
  • Download Update 30 - 2015 - Paediatric Anaesthesia and Critical Care (Special Edition)
  • Download Update 29 - 2014 Interpretation of cardiotocography, pacemakers & implantable defibrillators, metabolism & biochemistry, apnoea & pre-oxygenation, lidocaine as part of a balanced anaesthetic, patients with coronary stents, infantile pyloric stenosis, statistics for anaesthetists, simulation training 
  • Download Update 28 - 2012 Intensive Care Medicine (Special Edition)
  • Download Update 27 - 2011 Using a facemask, an algorithm to support decision making, management of bronchospasm, peripheral intravenous cannulae, fibreoptic intubation, pain management for the opioid tolerant, paediatric anaesthesia at a tertiary hospital in Nigeria
  • Download Update 26 - 2010 Perioperative mgt of anti-platelet drugs, surgically placed rectus sheath catheters, ultrasound guided rectus sheath block, enhanced recovery after surgery, malaria for the anaesthetist, pulmonary aspiration of gastric contents, paediatric caudal anaesthesia, ICU mgt of pandemic (H1N1) influenza
  • Download Update 25 (1) - 2009 Thoracic paravertebral block, acute pancreatitis, pulmonary function tests and assessment for lung resection, paediatric spinal, HIV and anaesthesia, extubation after anaesthesia, anaesthesia outside the operating theatre, monitoring of neuromuscular block
  • Download Update 25 (2) - 2009 Guidelines for Management of Emergencies in Anaesthesia (Special Edition)
  • Download Update 24 (1) - 2008 WHO Checklist, pentazocine, malignant hyperthermia, anaesthesia for paediatric ENT surgery, transversus abdominis pain block, acute cervical spine injury, foot and ankle surgery 
  • Download Update 24 (2) - 2008 Basic Sciences (Special Edition)
  • Download Update 23 - 2007 Anaesthesia for caesarean section, maternal collapse and perimortem caesarean, paracetamol - three routes of admin, managament of sepsis with limited resources, spinal anaesthetic spread, post dural puncture headache, invasive blood pressure monitoring, anaesthesia for neurosurgery, cerebral challenge
  • Download Update 22 - 2007 Sub-Tenon's block, blood transfusion, perioperative neuropathies, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), meningococcal disease in children, resuscitation update, perioperative mgt of cardiovascular drugs, mgt of acute liver failure in ICU, latex allergy, cerebral challenge
  • Download Update 21 - 2006 Fetal Compromise, cardiac output monitors, rheumatoid arthritis, ketamine, obstetric haemorrhage, obesity, atrial fibrillation, infant with difficult airway, local anaesthetic pharmacology, one lung ventilation, eclampsia and pre-eclampsia
  • Download Update 20 - 2005 Vasopressors for Subarachnoid Anaesthesia in Obstetrics, Fluid Management for Emergency Laparotomy in Rural Hospitals, Perioperative Fluid Balance, Changes in Maternal Physiology during Pregnancy, Ketamine: a Review, Questions from the Zambian Anaesthesia Refresher Course, The Laryngeal Mask Airway - A Review. Study into Harmonisation of Drug Concentration to Promote Safe Practice, Anaesthesia and Babies, Servicing a Seized Oxford Miniature Vaporiser
  • Download Update 19 - 2004 Life threatening explosion of oxygen regulator, Physics in anaesthesia: The fibreoptic intubating laryngoscope, Premedication drugs useful for children, Teaching anaesthesia in the operating theatre, Calcium homeostasis, Self Assessment - questions, Anaesthesia for the pregnant patient with acquired valvular heart disease, Depth of anaesthesia, From the journals, Self assessment - answers, Management of organophosphorus poisoning, Peri-operative fluids in children, Retained placenta: anaesthetic considerations, Suxamethonium apnoea, Tetanus: a review
  • Download Update 18 - 2004 Transport of the critically ill and injured patient, Pain relief in labour - review article, Chronic renal failure and anaesthesia, The emergency management of poisoning, Thoracic anaesthesia update, Journal reviews, Induction of anaesthesia in paediatric patients, Circumcision under local anaesthesia, Fires and explosions in the operating room, The halothane / ether azeotrope - a reconsideration, Anaesthesia for hip replacement, Large airway obstruction in children- part 1: causes and assessment, Aspects of myocardial physiology
  • Download Update 17 - 2003
  • Download Update 16 - 2003
  • Download Update 15 - 2002
  • Download Update 14 - 2002
  • Download Update 13 - 2001
  • Download Update 12 - 2000
  • Download Update 11 - 2000
  • Download Update 10 - 1999
  • Download Update 9 - 1998
  • Download Update 8 - 1998
  • Download Update 7 - 1997
  • Download Update 6 - 1996
  • Download Update 5 - 1995
  • Download Update 4 - 1994
  • Download Update 3 - 1993
  • Download Update 2 - 1993
  • Download Update 1 - 1992

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