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Posted in: ATOTW > General Topics 2019 Language: english

The tutorial aims to raise awareness of irrigation fluids that are commonly come across in operations. It covers the pharmacological properties of irrigation fluid, potential complications associated with its intraoperative use and measures to limit negative outcomes.

Posted in: ATOTW > Regional Anaesthesia 2019 Language: english

This tutorial provides a review of the ultrasound guided infraclavicular brachial plexus block including clinical indications and contraindications, sonoanatomy, and helpful tips on block performance.

Posted in: ATOTW > General Topics 2019 Language: english

This tutorial reviews the anaesthetic considerations for urological robotic procedures, covering the pre, intra and post operative stages.

Posted in: ATOTW > Pain 2019 Language: english

Tramadol and tapentadol are two related molecules that are being used to treat acute pain. In this tutorial we discuss the basic pharmacology, safety and efficacy of both medications. As well, indications for use, safety recommendations and abuse potential are discussed.

Posted in: ATOTW > Basic Sciences 2019 Language: english

This tutorial reviews the clinical uses of tranexamic acid, its mechanism of action and pharmacokinetics, contraindications and side effects.

Posted in: ATOTW > Basic Sciences 2019 Language: english

Non steroidal inflammatory drugs are an effective simple analgesic medication that all anaesthetists should be familiar with. Although highly effective they have a complex mode of action and many possible side effects and drug interactions. It is vital to know the basic pharmacology when prescribing these medications to avoid any complications.

Posted in: ATOTW > Intensive Care Medicine 2019 Language: english

Ischaemic stroke is a life threatening and disabling condition. The treatment options have previously included antiplatelet agents, modification of risk factors, thrombolysis and rehabilitation. Mechanical thrombectomy is now considered a gold standard treatment. Its indications are widening with implications for healthcare management and for anaesthetists providing care for these patients.

Posted in: ATOTW > Regional Anaesthesia 2019 Language: english

This tutorial is a brief overview of the various currently established regional anaesthetic techniques to provide analgesia following breast surgery.

Posted in: ATOTW > Paediatric Anaesthesia 2019 Language: english

Diabetes mellitus is the most common endocrine disorder in children. The peri-operative period can disrupt glucose control resulting in hypo and hyperglycaemia. Multi-disciplinary management is important to optimise glucose control and minimise complications. Insulin pump therapy is increasing in children and anaesthetists should be familiar with management.

Posted in: ATOTW > Regional Anaesthesia 2019 Language: english

A review of the anatomy of the sciatic nerve and its branches, and the indications, contraindications and technique for ultrasound guided popliteal block.

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