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Category: Anaesthesia

Posted in: ATOTW > Regional Anaesthesia > Anaesthesia 2020 Language: portuguese

Este tutorial explorará a literatura atualmente publicada sobre bloqueios do plano do eretor da espinha e descobrirá sua versatilidade em anestesia regional

Posted in: ATOTW > Regional Anaesthesia > Anaesthesia 2017 Language: english

In this tutorial, the classical anatomy of the brachial plexus will be described. Anatomical variations of the brachial plexus will be subsequently explored and the associated clinical implications for the anaesthetist discussed.

Strabismus, often known as crossed eyes or squint, is a visual condition where gaze is misaligned. It is fairly common in children and affects roughly 2% - 5% of the population.

Local anaesthesia is currently performed for many ophthalmic procedures as it is associated with reduced morbidity and mortality when compared with general anaesthesia. Additional benefits include early patient mobilisation, improved patient satisfaction and reduced hospital stay.

Anaesthesia for emergency eye surgery can present special problems to the anaesthetist. An understanding of some basic principles and techniques of eye anaesthesia have been discussed in previous issues of Update (Nos. 6 & 8). This article discusses the specific problems of emergency anaesthesia for eye surgery. We try and answer the common questions concerning these patients and provide a practical guide.

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