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Teacher Training Courses

ESA Teach the Teacher Course

This two-week course has grown out of another course called the International School for Instructors in Anaesthesiology (ISIA), developed by the WFSA and ESA. ISIA trained Anaesthesiology teachers Eastern Europe and many graduates of ISIA are involved with teaching the new ESA Teach the Teacher Course.

For more information, see http://www.esahq.org/education/teach-the-teacher-course/about-the-course.

Russian Teaching the Teachers Course

The WFSA is supporting short teacher training courses in Russia and the former Soviet republics. Courses have been held in St Petersburg and Krasnojarsk, and a course is planned for Minsk, Belarus.

For more information, contact admin@wfsahq.org.

Teach the Teachers Latin America (TTTLA)

TTTLA is a collaboration between the WFSA, Colombian Society (SCARE ) and Baxter. The course comprises a series of online modules, followed by a face-to-face course. To date, courses have been held in 2012 and 2014.

For more information, contact admin@wfsahq.org.

Teacher Training Course