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Posted in: ATOTW > Paediatric Anaesthesia 2017 Language: english

Outcomes in neonates with tracheo-oesophageal fistula with or without oesophageal atresia (TOF/OA) have improved significantly due to advances in surgical, anaesthetic, and critical care management. However, mortality rates remain high in low resource settings. Here we describe the preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative management of infants with TOF/OA, while focusing on approaches used in different resource settings.

Posted in: ATOTW > General Topics 2017 Language: english

Due to increased patient life expectancy and number of total hip replacements being performed annually, the burden of revision hip surgery is increasing. Surgery is complex and creates unique challenges for the anaesthetist. This tutorial summarizes the surgical techniques, potential peri-operative complications and anaesthetic care of these patients.

Posted in: ATOTW > Basic Sciences 2017 Language: english

Humidification of inspired gases is vital for the safe practice of anesthesia. This article focuses on the basic science of humidification, its measurement and its relevance in anaesthesia clinical practice.

Posted in: ATOTW > Basic Sciences & General Topics 2017 Language: english

Coronary angiography is increasingly performed pre-operatively to investigate for the presence of coronary artery disease. As peri-operative physicians, we need a basic understanding of coronary angiography and terminology used. This tutorial aims to give an overview of coronary anatomy and provide a working knowledge of coronary angiography.

Posted in: ATOTW > General Topics 2017 Language: english

This tutorial is a comprehensive review of up to date evidence regarding management of both the elective patient with known or suspected sleep apnoea and the emergency patient. Together with a practical approach to risk stratification and management, this tutorial provides a holistic approach to perioperative management of these patients.

Posted in: UIA > 2017 Language: english

This article highlights a selection of recent publications from various anaesthesia journals.

This article presents case studies related to cerebral challenge.

This article defines standards and makes recommendations to help guide maternity and critical care providers in establishing and managing a maternal critical care service. Originally published as Anaesthesia Tutorial of the Week #310, 27 October 2014, edited by Matt Rucklidge.

Posted in: UIA > Intensive Care Medicine & Basic Sciences 2017 Language: english

Appropriate management of hyponatraemia is often challenging because of both numerous pathophysiological mechanisms and multiple underlying pathological conditions. After revising the normal control of sodium balance this article will review the causes, classification, diagnosis and management of hyponatraemia. An algorithm for investigations and treatment is provided at the end of this article. Originally published as Anaesthesia Tutorial of the Week #314, 2 April 2015, edited by William English.

The aim of this article is to provide the reader with an overview of the current guidelines and evidence for the management of sepsis in children. Sepsis is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in children and, although mortality rates are lower in children than in adults, they are estimated at about 10% in severe sepsis. Originally published as Anaesthesia Tutorial of the Week #278, 28 January 2013