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World Anaesthesia Day celebrated around the world (and under the sea)

Malaysia Selangor edited

A team from Malaysia show their support for The Right Stuff 

The WFSA's campaign for World Anaesthesia Day, The Right Stuff, was a worldwide success with anaesthesia providers around the world showing their support for adequate anaesthesia equipment.Colombia Bogata 3

With over 600 The Right Stuff pictures shared on Tuesday 16th October 2018, this year's World Anaesthesia Day built on the success of previous years, and saw engagement from countries all over the world.

On 16th October 1846 at the Massachusetts General Hospital, home of the Harvard School of Medicine in the USA, there was the first successful demonstration of ether anaesthesia. This demonstration, one of the most important in the history of medicine, is marked each year by the WFSA and other organisations.

This year, alongside the World Health Organisation, the WFSA published the WHO-WFSA International Standards for a Safe Practice of Anesthesia for the first time. As well as workforce, the International Standards also highlight how important adequate facilities and equipment are to providing safe anaesthesia care. For World Anaesthesia Day 2018 we asked anaesthesia providers to highlight the vital role that equipment plays in providing safe anaesthesia by highlighting their favourite anaesthesia equipment. They were encouraged to print off The Right Stuff poster, fill it in, and take a picture of themselves and/or their team ideally with their favourite piece of anaesthesia equipment, sharing the photos with us on social media using the #TheRightStuff hashtag. 



The Right Stuff events were also hosted around the world, with people participating in fun runs in Malaysia, parades in Bangladesh and Nigeria, and 'wefie' competitions. 



Indonesia 7

Anaesthesia teams in Indonesia showing their Right Stuff


Parades and competitions were held around the world

Cakes 1cakes 2











 Cakes were baked to mark World Anaesthesia Day and World Restart a Heart Day


We are also delighted to see the 'Superhero' video competition in Malaysia for World Anaesthesia Day produce many excellent promotional videos for safe anaesthesia. You can watch a compilation of some of the videos here.


Thank you to all individuals and teams who took part in our campaign!


Teams 2

World Anaesthesia Day was also World Restart a Heart day, which the WFSA joined to raise awareness of about the importance of bystander CPR and to also increase actual bystander CPR rates worldwide. 

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