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WFSA Fellowship in Cardiac/Neuroanaesthesia: Cairo, Egypt

Cairo map

Yehia Khater

Programme Head: Dr. Yehia Khater
Other Key Faculty:
Professor Aiman Dessouki (Programme Head Cardiac)
Professor Safinaz Osman (Programme Head Neuroanaesthesia)
Cairo University Hospital, Egypt

Number of Cardiac Fellows in Egypt per year: 1
Number of Neuro Fellows in Egypt per year: 1
Duration of each fellowship: 6 months
Starting month of each fellowship (if regular): 1st November

What training is offered?
Practical skills in anaesthesia for adult/paediatric patients undergoing cardiac surgery; cardiac catheterization, interventional procedures including trans oesophageal echocardiography, invasive monitoring and postoperative care.

a) Practical skills anaesthesia for adults/paediatric patients undergoing brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerve surgeries of traumatic, vascular or neoplastic origin with some interventional procedures including invasive monitoring and postoperative care.
b) knowledge base providing sound theoretical founding for neuroanesthesia based on prescribed curriculum.

How is training assessed?
(a) log book to be maintained
(b) 80% attendance mandatory in both clinical and academic sessions

Are there any specific admission criteria for applicants?
Priority will be given to applicants from African or Middle Eastern countries.