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WFSA Fellowship in Obstetric Anaesthesia: Marrakesh, Morocco

Morrocco Location


Programme Head: Dr Ahmed El Adib
Head of the Department of Anaesthesia and Critical care in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Other Key Faculty: Professor Houssam Rebahi

Number of Obstetrics Fellows in Marrakesh per year: 2
Duration of each fellowship: 6 months 
Starting month of each fellowship: November and May 

What training is offered?
Operating Room, Labor, and Delivery Clinical Activity (3 months) where fellows are taught anaesthetic management of pregnancy-related conditions and are mentored for acquiring competencies in performing, supervising, and teaching the full spectrum of obstetric anaesthetic & analgesic interventions.

Critical Care Unit for obstetrics and gynaecology (3 months) where fellows participate in longitudinal care for any patient admitted to the critical Care Unit for obstetrics and gynaecology or needing operative treatment.

Fellows will also provide routine neonatal evaluation and neonatal resuscitations and complete a course in neonatal resuscitation. Fellows will also undertake research opportunities and simulation training during this fellowship.

How is training assessed?
The fellowship is assessed through direct observations, presentation of patients, written and practical control, simulations and clinical studies.

Are there any specific admission criteria for applicants?
Residents must have validated two years of specialty in Anaesthesiology.