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Distinguished Service Awards 2020

Service Awards Logo SmallWFSA is pleased to announce that nominations for the Distinguished Service Awards 2020 are now open. 

Criteria for nominations

Candidates for the Distinguished Service Awards should be nominated based on the following criteria:  

  1. Individuals who have made a special contribution to the Art or Science of Anaesthesiology or;
  2. Individuals who have helped promote or establish Anaesthesia initiatives anywhere in the world, or;
  3. Individuals who have provided distinguished service to the WFSA based on the following:
    • an individual who has served at least 8 years as a WFSA Officer
    • a Council or Committee member who has provided exceptional service in this or another capacity to the WFSA and the international anaesthesia community.   

Service in any of the stated capacities, such as serving as a President of the WFSA does not automatically constitute the requirement of qualifying for this award

Nomination and selection process 

All nominations must be made online through the WFSA Distinguished Service Award portal by the 26th of January 2020. The nomination application should be accompanied by the following supporting documents:

  • The completed application form
  • Letters of Support (at least 3 of which 1 must be from the nominee’s Member Society)
  • CV of the nominee

Nominations will be accepted from:  

  • Presidents of WFSA Regional Sections 
  • WFSA Council members 
  • WFSA Member Societies

Self-nominations will not be considered


An ad hoc, WFSA Awards Committee, will be convened constituting minimum 4 members of the WFSA council from minimum 4 different regions and chaired by the Secretary of WFSA. All complete nominations submitted by the proposed due date will be reviewed; any information submitted after the due date will not be reviewed.

The WFSA Awards Committee will review all nominations and present the selected WFSA Distinguished Service Award Recipients for ratification by the Council. A maximum of 4 awards will be made.


  • 28th November 2019 - Announcement of Awards
  • 26th January 2020 – Deadline for nominations
  • 16th February 2020 – Selection Committee decision deadline
  • 29th February 2020 – Council ratification deadline
  • 2nd March 2020 – Latest that Awardees are informed

Award of WFSA Distinguished Service Award

The chosen recipients will be notified by the President and the Award conferred at the next WFSA World Congress (Prague - 5th September 2020). Conferral will usually be at the Opening Ceremony of the World Congress.

Awardees will also receive free economy travel, accommodation and registration at the WCA.

Award recipients' photos and bios will be posted on the WFSA website.