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WFSA Paediatric Anaesthesia Fellowship: Santiago, Chile

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Programme Head: Dr. Silvana Cavallieri
Dept. of Anaesthesia, Hospital Luis Calvo Mackenna, Av Antonio Varas 360, Santiago,Providencia, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Silvana CavallieriWebsite:

Number of Paediatric Anaesthesia Fellows in Santiago per year: 2
Duration of each fellowship: 6 months
Starting month of each fellowship (if regular): March and September

What training is offered?
Training in paediatric general anaesthesia with an emphasis on newborn pathologies, regional anaesthesia, oncologic pathologies, scoliosis, difficult airway and paediatric cardiac anaesthesia.

How is training assessed?
A written exam at the end of the year combined with feedback from the tutors.

Are there any specific admission criteria for applicants?                                                                                                

Priority wil be given to applicants from Paraguay, Bolivia, and other low income Latin-American countries. The applicant must be fluent in Spanish. Applicants are highly encouraged to continue teaching on return to their hospitals.