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WFSA Pain Management Anaesthesia Fellowship: Botucatu, Brazil

Botucatu map

Programme Head: Guilherme Antonio Moreira de Barros

Departamento de Anestesiologia, Escuela de medicina de Botucatu, Universidad Estatal de Sao Paulo-UNESP, Brasil


Number of Pain Management Fellows in Botucatu per year: 2
Duration of each fellowship: 2 months
Starting month of each fellowship (if regular): August and October


What training is offered?Guilherme Moreira de Barros 
The fellow will have access to all activities developed in the Pain Management Service. For chronic pain the fellow will observe outpatient appointments, clinical discussions and analgesic and neurolytic blocks performed under ultrasound and other image methods. Also the fellow may accompany the multidisciplinary team performing home care to palliative care patients. The fellows will take part on the rounds performed by the acute pain management team on the hospital wards, taking care of postoperative and trauma patients, as well as of palliative care patients. Teaching and lecturing activities will include participating in all clinical discussions, lectures and seminars that are part of the medical resident’s curricula.

How is training assessed?
Assessment is done through daily clinical evaluations and tutorials.

Are there any specific admission criteria for applicants?

Preference will be given to applicants from Latin America.


This Fellowship is supported by the Confederacion Latino America Sociedades de Anestesiologia (CLASA)