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WFSA Regional Anesthesia Fellowship: Fortaleza, Brazil

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Programme Head: Dr Danielle Dumaresq
Regional Anaesthesia Training Centre, Jose Frota Institute, 1816 Barao do Rio Branco street - 60025061

Number of Regional Anaesthesia Fellows in Fortaleza per year: 2
Duration of each fellowship: 2 Months
Starting month of each fellowship (if regular): August and October

What training is offered?
This 2 month fellowship training aims to develop physicians who are competent in regional anaesthesia. Fellows will spend their time at the Regional Anaesthesia Training Centre There will be opportunities to study and get involved in several aspects of regional anaesthesia such as the use of ultrasound guided spinal injections, neuro-stimulator techniques, and the anatomical study of regional anaesthesia. Fellows will be involved in the routine academic activities journal clubs and direct patient care face to face under supervision of mentors according to specialization. Fellows will complete at least two or three original case studies and at least one review article for publication.

How is training assessed?
Assessment through program course evaluations

1. Formative evaluation
• Fellow shall keep patient records in their log books
• Reports of the tutor and external auditor

2. Summative Evaluation
• Oral examination and evaluation (not less than 70 %)
• Fellow shall publish case report, review article on pain syndrome and management or present it in an international meeting
• Pain treatment facilities Development in Fellow’s countries and the ongoing communication between fellows and mentors and networking are recorded

Are there any specific admission criteria for applicants?
Applicants must:
• Be a physician specialising in Anesthesiology and Physical & Rehabilitation, who has at least 3 years experience in his or her career.
• Possess good spoken and written English language abilities.

This Fellowship is supported by the Confederacion Latino Americana de Sociedades de Anestesiologia (CLASA)