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World Anaesthesia Day 2017

For World Anaesthesia Day 2017 the WFSA has partnered with our Member Societies across the WFSA Regional Sections to share the “Count Me In!” campaign with anaesthesia providers globally.

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Count Me In! is an initiative to unite anaesthesia providers on World Anaesthesia Day and focus on raising awareness and support for scaling-up “human resources for anaesthesia”.

The WFSA’s recently launched Global Anaesthesia Workforce Map, created by surveying anaesthesia providers around the world, highlights the anaesthesia workforce shortage crisis. 70 countries had a total anaesthesia provider density of less than 5 per 100,000 population. Using current population data, more than 136,000 physician anaesthesia providers are needed today to achieve a minimum density of 5 per 100,000 population in all countries.

Without adequate numbers of staff it will be impossible to scale-up anaesthesia provision worldwide, and impossible to ensure access to safe anaesthesia for all patients.

This World Anaesthesia Day the WFSA would like you to count yourself among those providing life saving anaesthesia, and share your support for the scale-up of the anaesthesia workforce.

Join the Count Me In! campaign on 16th October 2017 and use the contents of this toolkit to tell governments, NGOs, and other decision-makers that human resources for anaesthesia are essential to strengthen health systems, and essential to save lives.



facebook still with textThere are many ways you can join the Count Me In! campaign on World Anaesthesia Day. Whether you would like to give two minutes to show your support, or spend more time campaigning to promote the scale-up of the anaesthesia workforce worldwide, we are delighted to have your support.

To take part, simply print the banner on the next page and fill out the details (e.g. the number of trained anaesthesia providers working at your hospital/facility AND the population number in your hospital catchment area).

Take a photo with you team with the banner and share it on social media with the following hashtag #CountMeIn! You can also use the following hashtags:

#AnaesthesiaWorkforce #IPracticeAnaesthesia #UnitedForAnaesthesia

Challenge other anaesthesia providers in your country or region to take part in the Count Me In! campaign by sharing our Count Me In! promotional materials.


Download the printable banner here or download the full Count Me In! Toolkit here*

*You can also download the materials in Spanish (¡Cuenta Conmigo! Toolkit and printable banner) and French (Compte Sur Moi! Toolkit and printable banner)